Current Obituaries
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Terry Lawrence Allen of Jonesboro died on June 11, 2019

Jack Dean Bennett of Ferndale, Washington died on June 7, 2019

Eunice Maxine Chambers of Anna, IL died on June 6, 2019

Randy Lynn Clark of Anna died on June 5, 2019

Diana Graham of Jonesboro, Illinois died on June 13, 2019

Danny M. Hartsock of Cobden, Illinois died on June 10, 2019

James Metzger of Atlanta, Georgia died on June 13, 2019

Virginia "Virgie" Metzger of Anna, Illinois died on June 3, 2019

Mercedes Delores Mull of Anna died on June 7, 2019

Sue Ann Peters of Benton, Illinois died on May 30, 2019

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